Citrus Ale

Number 83 | Citrus Ale

Citrus Ale is number 83 in our series of special issues, a line of beers in which our brewers are given the space to put their personal stamp on that typical profile of ‘t IJ with distinct recipes. So now number 83 brewed by brewer Fred de Bruijne.

Number 83 is a low alcohol beer with a lot of fruitiness from the hops in combination with the addition of natural fruit extracts (orange, mandarin, pomelo and lime) extracted from innovative technology. By adding the hops and extracts at different times during the brewing process, this beer is packed with citrus flavours. In the jargon, this type of beer is called an Agrume Ale. But this term is generally not so common. Agrume is the collective name for citrus fruits, which is why the switch to Citrus Ale was quickly made. A delicious thirst-quenching beer for the warmer months of the year.

Number 83 | Citrus Alepeter

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