Bridgeport Barley Wine

This is a beer brewed in Amsterdam by our American friends from Marz Brewing, Chicago, and named after the neighbourhood where their own brewery is based. Unsurprisingly, there is a heavy American influence here, which means lots of hops, American hops. Nonetheless, their bitterness is beautifully balanced with the equally significant amount of malt a barley wine naturally requires. There is plenty of roasted and caramalt in the rich malt base of this deep, dark, glowing beauty. This American barley wine has a full, soft, rich but very balanced taste. To top it all off, there is a rich, full, creamy layer of foam.

Available in bottle in our tasting room and at the local beer stores.

Alcohol percentage: 10%
Drinking temperature: 10-12 degrees Celsius

Bridgeport Barley Wine, the video (in Dutch)
Bridgeport Barley Winebrouwerijhetij

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