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We couldn't resist and released another jenever. It has become one according to the standards of 't IJ: very tasty and very smooth. Distilled from various beers with the addition of passion fruit.

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Number 84 | Roasted Amber

The series of Special Numbers is complete with number 84: Roasted Amber. The malty character in combination with the slightly sweet notes of caramel and roast gives a wonderfully warm taste. Not too much fuss, not too complex, easy to drink.

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IJbok to celebrate autumn 

Autumn quietly seeps in, with a breeze here and there on the terrace that slowly makes you forget about summer. But you don't have to worry, because autumn also means the return of IJbok!

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The Amsterdam Festival in October

The Amsterdam Festival in October is a cacophony of everything that makes Amsterdam so much fun. And all those Amsterdam delicacies would not look out of place in our tasting room and café under the mill. The long tables are already ready there for October 7.

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Café Struis opening 21 september

Café Struis is a new meeting place at Brouwerij 't IJ in Amsterdam East. It is a nice café for the neighborhood - with a terrace and a good glass of beer. We open on September 21, so feel free to join us for a toast?

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't Gouden IJ

It seems like a discovery, but it still had some architecture: a slightly sweet and golden blond beer of 7.5% with a firm head.

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