After the ‘Zatte’, this is the oldest beer from Brouwerij ‘t IJ. Natte is classed as a ‘dubbel’, a Belgian category of smooth, dark beers. Because we partly use dark malt, Natte has a reddish-brown colour and a smooth, roasted flavour with earthy tones of brown sugar, nuts and plums. Completed with slightly bitter hops, this is a nicely balanced beer and one of the brewery’s classics.

Alcohol percentage: 6,5%
Drinking temperatuur: 8-10 graden

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7 comments on "Natte"

  1. good morning!!!!
    I’m in Spain, can I buy your beers here?
    Thanks a lot and congratulations for your great products!!!!!
    A greeting.

    • Brouwerijhetij on

      At the moment we don’t sell our beers in Spain. Hopefully someday soon! Cheers!

  2. I had several glasses of your Natte and it was out of this world. Would love to buy the beer in Houston, Texas (Cypress, Texas).

  3. Becky Sechen on

    Would love to find how to get them shipped to the states. My husband had this beer on one of our last vacations and he now can’t stop talking about it. Is it possible to ship any?

  4. Nino Archetti on

    Hi, I’m in Italy, where can I buy your wanderful beers?

    • Brouwerij 't IJ on

      Hello Nino, the Natte (and the Zatte) is available at the stores of Natura Si. Let us know ( if you can’t find anything near you and we will put you in touch with our Italian distributor.

  5. Whitney Fleming on

    Tried this amazing beer while we were traveling from the states. Husband wanted to know if we could buy any here or could order some?

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