One of our flagship beers, which is slightly different in flavour every year. A splendid, maroon-coloured beer with fine aromas of spiced fruit, orange peel and well-roasted malt to delight the nose. The flavour is a spicy balance of caramel, citrus and slightly bitter hops to restore that warm feeling during the dark days of winter. If stored in a cool, dark place, IJndejaars will keep for years (if you can stop yourself from drinking it).

Alcohol percentage: 9%
Drinking temperature: 10-12 degrees Celsius

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Albert Heijn


4 comments on "IJndejaars"


    Guess I must return to Amsterdam to enjoy the best beer I have ever had!Cheers!

  2. Enjoyed the tour yesterday can I order from the uk

    • Brouwerij 't IJ on

      Great to hear you enjoyed the tour. Unfortunately it is not possible to order our beers from abroad… Come again!

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