Amber ale

As a style, amber ale is so vaguely defined you could basically brew anything as long as its color is, well, amberish. We opted to challenge ourselves within these very broad limits and brewed a low abv ale in which both hops and malt are very prominent. Five malt varieties make not only for the required amber hue but also for a beautiful malt complexity. The darker, roasted malts provide a pleasant hint of caramel.

Complementing these rich, malty tones is a firm hoppyness. A dryhop mix of Simcoe, Nelson Sauvin and Dr Rudy resulted in an outspoken hoppy profile which reveals itself most strongly in the aftertaste. Though quite low in alcohol, this is very full in taste and not one to gulp down. That is, not before having examined its complexity from every possible angle.

Our Amber Ale finished long ago.

Alcohol percentage: 5.2%
Drinking temperature: 8-10 degrees Celsius


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