Roasted Amber

The series of Special Numbers is complete with number 84: Roasted Amber. The malty character in combination with the slightly sweet notes of caramel and roast gives a wonderfully warm taste. Not too much fuss, not too complex, easy to drink.

Proudly brewed by Bas Noordenbos. He wanted to brew a beer that is suitable for drinking when it is cold and dark outside, while you are sitting inside. We are going back to the roots of specialty beers. We think this Belgian-style beer is a tasty ending to this series of special numbers. Special numbers is a line of beers in which our brewers go wild to create special flavors. Something that suits them and ‘t IJ.What is a Roasted Amber?

As the name suggests, it is an amber-colored beer that contains a lot of roasted malt, which also makes it taste roasted.

Temporarily available in the better bars, cafes, liquor stores and specialty beer stores. Cheers!



Roasted Amberbrouwerijhetij

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