Tripel Wheat

It is winter and so it is a great time for barley wine (tried our Struis yet?) The style clearly gets its name from a solid amount of barley but we figured a similar heavy weight could be brewed with wheat. The fresh softness so characteristic of malted wheat also works in large quantities, we figured. Together with the yeast it provides a soft mouthfeel and the cloudiness you might know from a typical weizen.

All this wheat results in quite some maltiness and alcohol (9%). We balanced those with loads of hops, coriander and some oranges. 

Strong and complex, this one is not for the faint hearted. Exclusively available on draft at our bar underneath the windmill.

Tripel Wheatbrouwerijhetij

One comment on "Tripel Wheat"

  1. Ge-wel-dig. Deze enorme tripel (en Brouwerij ‘t IJ) liefhebster sinds járen komt graag en snel proeven!

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