Café Wibautstraat Amsterdam?

De Ruyschkamer: living room away from home

Café Wibautstraat Amsterdam?

Although Scip and Sun Schippers always hoped to start something together, they had never considered a café. Until they stumbled upon a deep, narrow space in the middle of the Ruyschstraat. The brothers instantly imagined a cosy hang-out, a laidback place with a homely feel.

Zero experience
After registering café De Ruyschkamer Scip and Sun were pretty clueless on how to proceed. Neither of them had ever worked behind a bar, let alone run a café. “Our staff had to tell us what to do”, grins Scip. But while he might have lacked the experience, the host role fits him like a glove. “I always enjoyed making people feel at home”, he admits. Scip never understood cafes where the staff does not greet you upon entering. Or where you have to pay for a glass of water. As a result, De Ruyschkamer is the exact opposite of such places. The staff is selected on the ability to engage in pleasant conversation and you can drink as much water for free as you please.

Grab a bottle
Although Amsterdams tap water is excellent (we brew our beer with it) you would better pick a beer of course. The fridges of De Ruyschkamer are well stocked with a beautiful range of local beers. Everyone has full access to what is stocked in there. Grab you bottle yourself and pass by the bar to ask for proper glassware. “But we also happily bring you a beer if you are too comfortable on the couch”, says Scip, who stuffed this ‘living room’ with plenty of comfortable couches. The staff is happy to help you choose between about the seventy beers on display. You might have to change your beer of choice during the night as only seven bottles of each type are stocked every evening. Policy out of necessity but a great recipe for adventurous beer drinking.

As in the fridges, space in the kitchen is limited too. It is big enough to prepare some snacks and their popular cheese fondue but if you are looking for something different you might want to order something from the Italian restaurant next door. Nice neighbours, says Scip, “and their pizzas are pretty good too.”

The brothers organize small-scale events now and again, people come to celebrate their birthdays or gather for other occasions. But every other night is just as great, says Scip. “This does not feel like work”, the happy owner claims. “I hug the regulars but have a great time with newcomers too.”

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