After brewing, we are left with a little more than the much desired beer. Once we have extracted all the fermentable liquid from the grains we use, the grain itself is useless. This malt pulp, however, still contains plenty of proteins which makes it excellent fodder for livestock.

Farmer Alex regularly visits us to collect what we call “bostel” and drive it to sheep farm De Dikhoeve. With the milk of the sheep that eat our brewing leftovers, Alex produces delicious, soft, organic, white mould cheese: the ‘Skeapsrond’.

The Skaepsrond is available in the better cheese stores in and around Amsterdam and obviously in our bar too, where it pairs just great with many of our beers.



One comment on "Skeapsrond"

  1. Margaret Brown on

    So no chance of buying it in the uk then!! 😥😥. It was just the best. Keep farmer Alex going!

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