Win a cozy neighborhood with a BuurtBankje

Buy our beers at your supermarket, get a chance to win a BuurtBankje (neighborhood bench), and get to know your neighbors better!

On a BuurtBankje, you meet all the residents that make up a neighborhood. It’s a bench you place on your sidewalk or street that all neighborhood residents can use. This way, you get to know your neighbors better, people feel more at home in the neighborhood, and you look out for each other more often. Making a difference in the neighborhood has never been this easy.

Could your neighborhood use such a bench? Brouwerij ‘t IJ bought one for you too. We are partnering with BuurtBankjes and your supermarket and we are giving them away. And maybe we’ll come by your new BuurtBankje to have a little party.

How it works:
Do you like the idea of having a bench like that in your neighborhood? You can! It’s not hard to participate.

Step 1
Go to one of the participating supermarkets and buy 4 IJ beers there.

Step 2
Write your details (name, phone number, email address) on the receipt.

Step 3
Put your receipt in the submission box at the checkout.

Step 4

Below are all the stores where you can find the promotion and have a chance to make your neighborhood even cozier.

      Win a cozy neighborhood with a BuurtBankjepeter

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