Seeking silence and tranquility? Don’t call ’t IJ!

This summer, we will be at all TAPT events with the Brouwerij ’t IJ Belspel. For this bell game, you don’t need a phone to call in. Here, we do it with a bicycle bell.

Simple (even after a few beers).

When you get a beer from the IJ-caravan, you’ll receive your new bicycle bell from us. You must use it to call us with the correct answer to the question. So stay put, the questions will appear on the board, and when the siren goes off, start ringing. Win cool IJ-items with your correct answer.

If you also feel like ringing, come and visit us at the following TAPT events:

  • TAPT Den Bosch: June 14 and 15
  • TAPT Alkmaar: June 21 and 22
  • TAPT Utrecht: July 5, 6, and 7
  • TAPT Almere: July 12 and 13
  • TAPT Haarlem: July 26 and 27
  • TAPT Breda: August 9 and 10
  • TAPT Rotterdam: August 23 and 24
  • TAPT The Hague: August 30 and 31
  • TAPT Amersfoort: September 6 and 7
  • TAPT Amsterdam West: September 13 and 14

Seeking silence and tranquility? Don’t call ’t IJ!brouwerijhetij

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