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In het wild: our anniversary beer for In de Wildeman

The 1980’s might not have produced as many beer initiatives as Amsterdams current scene, those who started all DIY back then managed to change the face of the local beer culture for ever. People say we are among them, together with beer store De Bierkoning and beer café In de Wildeman. The latter is a mandatory stop for any beer geek visiting Amsterdam. It is a superbly specialized place and this year things get even more special as In de Wildeman celebrates its thirtieth anniversary.

Henk and Els, a couple passionate about great beer, started this beer bar in a century old building that used to house a jenever distillery before. They pioneered their asses off in a period when the Dutch were still largely pilsner orientated. Thirty years of pouring exciting quality beers has resulted in an illustrious reputation and an impressive network of national and international brewers.

beer cafe In de Wildeman Amsterdam

When the aforementioned ancient building reached its 300th year of existence, a party was thrown. Since a party in a beer café is not really a party without a special brew, an anniversary beer was created. Hertog Jan, one of Hollands oldest remaining breweries, was so kind to turn a failed bock beer (too bitter) into a tasty porter for the occasion.

This beer was called the Wildemanporter and it was so good that it had to return. These returns have turned into tradition and now the porter is brewed by a different brewery every time a special occasion demands it. Our world famous Dutch colleagues of De Molen produced the last version and we are very pleased with the honour to have brewed the next.

In our take of it, In het Wild, turned out a tasty black session ale. It is as pitch black as a proper porter. The roast malts provide all the full coffee and chocolate tones too. The American hops nicely balances the slight caramel sweetness. Though this is a mouth full of taste, it is all very easy to swallow. With a modest 4.5% this beer is as light in alcohol as it is dark in colour.

Along with a number of great surprise brews, this beer will be presented during the 30 year anniversary celebration at In de Wildeman itself on Thursday April 14. The fun starts at 18:00. Don’t worry if you are unable to make it to the party: we aim to provide In de Wildeman with this beer for about a year. We will connect a couple of kegs to the taps of our own tasting room too.

So, good things ahead. For another thirty years, we hope. Cheers to In de Wildeman.

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In het wild: our anniversary beer for In de Wildemanbrouwerijhetij

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