Comeback of a classic: the Vlo returns again


Just before we start pouring out new exciting, summery beers (stay tuned), we found some time and space to do a good old classic again: the Vlo is back. For years, we have been brewing this beer at a very irregular basis for our friends at the Bierkoning. Their history is entwined with ours from our respective early days onwards and they have established themselves as one of the, if not the, best beer stores of the country.

Clearly, the beer we brew for them is something special. The Vlo is a beautiful amber. It has the caramel notes of a beer brewed with cara malts but soft sweet references to peach and apricot too. The hops are prominent but never too dominant, perhaps due to the spicy herbal tandem or our yeast and significant amount of coriander. Though all these might sound like very unlikely flavour fellows, the combination turns out great in the Vlo time and again.

This limited edition is only available in bottles, most of which obviously went to the Bierkoning. But some other beer stores managed to claim some too and clearly we did not want to part with all this amber beauty and kept some for our very own tasting room.

Brouwerij 't IJ De Bierkoning Vlo

Comeback of a classic: the Vlo returns againbrouwerijhetij

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