New beer: Red Rye I.P.A. (revisited)

Red Rye I.P.A. Brouwerij 't IJ

We brewed a very tasty Red Rye I.P.A. last year and decided to combine rye and refreshing hops again. The result is even better than the previous edition. Again that light red brown glow brought about by the rye mixed with other roasted malt. The rye also results in a pleasant soft mouth feel and a herbal touch. We added interesting layers of hoppyness to this smooth malty foundation. Mosaic, Nelson Sauvin and Simcoe hops team up to provide a refreshing citrus feel. You’d think we had this lager with a few dried orange peels and added a some grapefruit juice afterwards, but we didn’t.

The citrus flavours provide this beer with a freshness you don’t often find in dark beers. It makes this a great beer to ponder with a serious face for a while, then just unembarrassedly quench your thirst and then run back to the bar for the next. That’s what we do ‘cause we didn’t drink anything as tasty for a while.

The Red Rye I.P.A. is another great reason to visit our bar next to the brewery as it will be on tap there exclusively. Till soon.

New beer: Red Rye I.P.A. (revisited)brouwerijhetij

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