Now with more flavour, more % and more blond
Brouwerij ‘t IJ began brewing beer with a Belgian-style tripel (Zatte Tripel) and dubbel (Natte Dubbel). Thirty-six years later, the brewery completed the traditional Belgian holy trinity of tripel-dubbel-blond with an authentic blond: Blondie.

You might have noticed it on the shelves somewhere, as the first Blondie was also Brouwerij ‘t IJ’s first canned beer.

A crisp, smooth easy-drinking beer with 4.8% alcohol, for when you’re in the mood for something tasty, but not too intense. Not a sledgehammer beer, but not an everyday Pilsner either.

Now, precisely one year later, we’ve made another change to this thirst-quencher: We’ve bottled it, made it blonder than ever, and added a percent alcohol content. The pilot project for canning our beer was a success, but we don’t yet have our own canning line. We’re working on it though, and in the future we expect to serve more of our beers in cans. So try to be patient! For the moment, our entire selection is available in the familiar longneck bottles.

We’ve also changed the recipe a bit. The new Blondie is a smooth blond beer with a crisp colour and slightly malty aromas. Like the Zatte Tripel and Natte Dubbel, it’s brewed in the Belgian tradition with barley, wheat and oats and our own characteristic IJ yeast. We think it makes the selection a bit closer to ‘complete’. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

Blondie: Old traditions make the new blond; Full of flavour, a little bit sweet, and wonderfully crisp.

Alcohol percentage: 5.8%
Serving temperature: 6-8 degrees
Available in:33 cl bottles and 20 L kegs


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