Dutch Beer Challenge 2017

We just scooped three medals at the Dutch Beer Challenge

Dutch Beer Challenge 2017

With an ever increasing number of new Dutch beers arriving, it becomes ever harder to know what is great local beer. Luckily, a number of seasoned experts get together annually to figure that out for you. This gathering is called the Dutch Beer Challenge and the results of the latest edition are just out.

We are happy to announce that our beers pleased the jury and that three of them belonged to the very best in their respective categories.

The Ciel Bleu Double IPA was awarded with no less than a gold medal in the Double IPA category. IJwit made it to the third place in the wheat beer category whereas Flink scooped a bronze medal in the pale ale section.

The Flink that we submitted was brewed according to a new recipe. It is even fresher than it used to be and we will release this renewed Flink somewhere next month. 

We just scooped three medals at the Dutch Beer ChallengeDaisy Altelaar

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