A full-bodied, Amsterdam wheat beer that is dangerously ‘moreish’. Slightly cloudy, it has a beautiful golden colour and a soft, foamy head. When we brew IJwit, we use wheat malt as well as barley malt, which is also how the beer gets its name.

The wheat malt gives the beer a delightful, fresh flavour, and the addition of coriander and lemon during the brewing process produces a rich aroma of banana, citrus and spices. Topped off by a fine, slightly sweet aftertaste, IJwit is a delicious thirst-quencher.

Alcohol percentage: 6,5%
Drinking temperature: 6 – 8 graden



14 comments on "IJwit"

  1. tasted this one as part of the tasting board in the original brewery in amsterdam.
    it’s got to be one of the best beers i have ever tasted.
    should’ve bought a few bottles to carry home with me.

  2. Ian Carroll on

    I found this beer on my last day in Amsterdam, the best beer I’ve ever tasted. Shame it’s so difficult to get over here in the Uk. Hopefully I will be tasting this again soon when back in the Dam

  3. I’m a local from Amsterdam. I love beer, and I can say this with a hand on my heart and swear that this is far out the best wheat beer I’ve ever had.

  4. David Jordan on

    I love the Ijwit beer but live in the USA and would love to order some…how to I go about ordering a case or 2 of the Ijwit white beer?

    Thank you

    Dave Jordan

    • Brouwerij 't IJ on

      Hello David, have to disappoint you as we don’t ship our beers. Sorry. Come back soon?

      • Markus Vink on

        I would have the same comment. I tasted the beer and live in the US and would love to order some. Perhaps time to reconsider?

      • Markus Vink on

        I tasted the beer as well and live in the US. I would love to order some. Please reconsider your shipping policy!

  5. I also am from the US and loved this beer. I wish it was able to be shipped overseas. 🙁

    • Same here. So sad, I’ve been looking for months trying to figure out how to order some. But now I found these comments and I’m very disappointed.

  6. I discovered this beer on my first trip to Amsterdam a few years back and it is now the only beer I want to drink…ever! Hands down the the best beer I have ever tasted. Please consider shipping overseas, you’d make a fortune!

  7. Yes please ship to US! I drank this all over Amsterdam!

  8. Currently finished my 2nd bottle while at the Five Flies restaurant. Quite excellent beer all around. I’m a wit fan and agree with previous posts that this would be an excellent export. Cheers to your brewery!

  9. Andy Austin on

    Wanted to read the comments on this beer, because I thought this was the best beer I’d ever had. I can see now that I’m not the only one in the world who thinks so. Since I can’t get this in the US, I will have to patiently wait for my next trip to Amsterdam.

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