Amsterdam’s most famous ox sausage. How it’s made.

Slagerij De Wit is a butchery world famous in Amsterdam’s Eastern Transvaalbuurt. A local, small-scale company whose quality products are known far beyond the confines of its own neighbourhood. We feel we relate to that somehow. Besides a broad base of loyal customers, their level of quality resulted in numerous awards. One of their products often bestowed with honours is their famous ox sausage, or ossenworst, in Dutch.

It’s a product with an Amsterdam origin and is still largely produced within the Dutch capital. Amsterdammers have been loving it ever since the seventeenth century and it is still considered a typical local treat. It is raw beef, traditionally smoked. Unlike many other present-day producers, De Wit’s butcher Erik Waagmeester still does smoke his ossenworst. The result is a bright red ox sausage with a soft texture and a beautiful, outspoken but extremely enjoyable taste. He explains you how he does it in Dutch in the video above but just watching the craftsmanship gives you a great impression too.

At our brewpub underneath the windmill you can get a great impression of its taste too. Come on over and have local beer and sausage.

Amsterdam's most famous ox sausage. How it's made.brouwerijhetij

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