Ostrich brewery Amsterdam

Our ostrich lives just around the corner

struisvogel Artis Brouwerij 't IJ

Whether it holds our classic Belgian-style ales or one of our recent one-offs, there is always an ostrich on every bottle of beer we produce. In the last thirty years, the big bird has, in Amsterdam and around, become synonymous with great local craft beer. But the numerous cafes serving our beers are not the only places to spot ostriches in town. You’ll find a simulated savannah a few hundred metres from our own bar and brewery. This sandy stretch belongs to the Artis Royal Zoo and, besides zebras, giraffes and other wildlife, houses a number of ostriches.

We could impossibly ignore the fact that we have the bird that inspired our logo for a neighbour. So, last year, we decided to adopt one of our next door ostriches. It is the beautiful bird on the right in the picture above. We were invited to name her and chose Esasa, a Zulu name meaning “be happy”. Or, somewhat loosely translated: “live with your head up”, the motto that accompanies the ostrich on our logo.

Our ostrich lives just around the cornerbrouwerijhetij

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