New special: Rakau Session Ale

Rakau Session Ale Brouwerij 't IJ Amsterdam

Session ales are not exactly the easiest beers to turn into a success. The characteristically low percentage forces you to finetune their taste to perfection as the alcohol won’t cover up for any imbalances. We managed to add taste and balance to a low alcohol percentage in earlier specials, like the Galaxy Session Ale and the Citra Session Ale.

These previous session ales were so-called single hop brews, beers with just one distinct hop variety. The Galaxy and Citra hops proved very suitable since they provide both bitterness and aromas. The Rakau variety, from New-Zealand, possesses similar qualities and therefore proved a logical pick for our next session ale. We added it during different stages of the boil, which resulted in a nice “layering” of the hoppiness in this beer. The notes of resinous pine and tropical fruits are subtle and make this a nicely hoppy yet soft session ale.

Perfect pick for anyone who, in these bock beer filled days, longs for a session of soft hoppyness.

Exclusively from tap in our tasting room.

Alcohol percentage: 4.4%
Drinking temperature: 
7 degrees Celsius

New special: Rakau Session Alebrouwerijhetij

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  1. First time was yesterday. God ale. Difficult to make With so little alkohol. Lots of hops. Nice and drinkabel. We will go and visit the brewery this afternoon!

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