IJwit wins gold at Brussels Beer Challenge

Belgian brewers are internationally renowned for the quality of their beers. For the past few years those beers are professionally evaluated during the annual Brussels Beer Challenge. The Belgians are anything but childish and allow brewers from abroad to partake in this event too. For this edition, brewers from the US, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and a host of other countries sent in more than 1100 beers.

A jury of 75 international beer experts was assigned the heavy task of sampling the offerings and pick the three best beers within every category. After days of serious tasting sessions medals were handed out on Sunday November 8. We are happy to announce that Amsterdam’s best known local wheat beer, our IJwit, now also gained some international recognition in the form of a golden medal in the category Imperial White.



IJwit wins gold at Brussels Beer ChallengeDaisy Altelaar

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  1. Best beer i ever taseted

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