Dryhopped IJwit

Dryhopped IJwit

Dryhop IJwit

Dryhopped IJwit

We played around with our IJwit a bit. As the American Wheat Ale we brewed with Thornbridge proved, hoppy wheat beer can be really tasty. It made us decide to do something we never do when we brew IJwit: dryhop it. Which means you add dried, compressed hop pellets (see picture) to the tank while the beer is lagering (brewers jargon for “ripening”). We opted for Cascade, Citra and Simcoe to add extra hoppyness this way. They are fresh, fruity hops whose citrus qualities nicely complement the lemon we always add to our beloved wheat beer.

It makes this beer the perfect pick for anyone who has trouble with the choice between wheat beer and hoppy session ales. For those who stand by their IJwit, rest assured, the dryhopped version is an extra batch and the IJwit is still available. Additional advantage: you can order both and try to spot the difference a dryhop can make.

We already sold all of this.

Alcohol percentage: 6,5%
Drinking temperature: 6-8 degrees Celsius

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