Tabrooms temporarily closed

Dear guests, friends, family,

Due to the coronavirus, we decided to immediately close the doors of our tasting rooms in Amsterdam. The health of our staff and our guests is always paramount, and we can best guarantee this now by closing the tasting rooms.

We admire all catering businesses throughout the Netherlands who take this step, no matter how difficult that choice is. We want to call on everyone to support the hospitality industry, and when this situation is over, go back to cafes and restaurants.

With the necessary precautions, we will continue to brew, and IJbieren will continue to be available in specialty beer stores, supermarkets and online stores throughout the Netherlands.

Take care of each other, and we hope to be able to inform you 
soon that our tasting rooms are open again.

With kind regards,
Brouwerij ‘t IJ

Tabrooms temporarily closedbrouwerijhetij

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