t IJ van de Duvel

’t IJ van de Duvel

What happens when you combine Belgium craftmanship with Amsterdam bravery? You’ll get a damn fine beer. We proudly present you the second beer we brewed with Duvel: ‘t IJ van de Duvel (The Devil’s Egg).

Both Duvel-Moortgat and Brouwerij ‘t IJ have a passion for brewing and love to create new flavors. In 2017, our first collaboration, ‘t Ei van de Duivel, was such a great success that the beer sold out in a very short time.

Now, 3 years later, we got together for a new cobrew: ‘t IJ van de Duvel. Our brewers went to Belgium a few times and we welcomed our colleagues in Amsterdam. There was a lot of talking, a bit of discussion and later, of course, an extensive tasting.

While spring has sprung and summer is approaching, this time it was decided to brew a soft and accessible beer: a blond beer.

't IJ van de Duvel

The beer 

‘t IJ van de Duvel is a Hazy IPA, a soft IPA, very fruity in flavor because of the use of different hops.
This beer has a sinister alcohol percentage of 6,66 percent, which makes this beer very easy to drink.

Style elements 

  • Style: Hazy IPA
  • Alcoholpercentage: 6,66.
  • Color: Blond with a little bit of cloudiness
  • Aroma: Flowery, fresh, hoppy and fruity
  • Taste: a subtle IPA, very fruity in flavor from the Azacca, Mosaic and Citra hops.
  • Body: soft


That’s how we would describe this new beer, but please taste for yourself.
‘t IJ van de Duvel will be available in selected supermarkets (Coop, Deen, Vomar, Dirk III, Jan Linders, Mitra) and local liquor stores as of week 20. Once reopened, this craft beer will also be available in a lot of bars from draft. 

Perfect for the coming summer, to enjoy in your home or backyard and hopefully soon on the terrace of your favorite bar.

t IJ van de Duvelpeter

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