Grape Ale

The second special number of 2023 is here! Number 82, the Grape Ale. Grape Ales could be seen as a hybrid between beer and wine, but more beer than wine. It features a special hop variety, Nelson Sauvin, from New Zealand. Perhaps the best news from New Zealand since Abel Tasman accidentally stumbled upon it in 1642.

The Grape Ale is a nod to the famous Sauvignon Blancs from earlier mentioned country. Brewer Robin tried to capture the fresh flavors of tropical fruit and the Nelson Sauvin hop is well-suited for that purpose. Add grape juice, and together with the tropical notes from both the hop and the yeast, you have a beautiful beer that is certainly worthy of a Special Issue.

What is a Grape Ale?
It is a hybrid between beer and wine, where the basic process is brewing beer, to which eventually grapes, grape juice or grape pulp are added. Barely any hops are used. The important thing in this style is the balance between malt and grape, and the style is otherwise quite boundless. It’s still beer by the way, so you can put it on Untappd without any worries.

Find it in our tap rooms and at a select number of liquor stores in the Netherlands, such as Mitra. But be quick, because special editions are limited and sell out faster than you might think.

Where is the Grape Ale available?

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