THE MAKING OF DR JULES, or: how to brew lemonade

We have been brewing very tasty beers for decades but we always purchased our non-alcoholic drinks elsewhere. Turned out we should not have bothered for our brewing tanks produce excellent lemonade too. The process is far easier than beer brewing and resembles preparing a pot of tea. After deciding on a combination of blood orange and hibiscus we stuffed a giant “tea bag” with the latter and had the water in our brew tank extract all its color and flavor.

Result: a mildly sour taste and beautiful pink color. We added the oranges after boiling and cooling. In order to turn it into a proper soda we added sugar and carbondioxide too. 

Dr Jules is bright pink thirst-quencher and the perfect alternative for those who have a proper reason not to drink beer.

Dr. Jules


THE MAKING OF DR JULES, or: how to brew lemonadebrouwerijhetij

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