Diverse neighbourhood party: Food Night in the Javastraat

Within Amsterdam, few cases of urban transition are as remarkable as that of the Javastraat. After many years of no-go area status, the area around it transformed into a hip hotspot spectacularly fast. Now, it as trendy as it as it is multicultural. It is a situation the organizers of the annual Food Night envisioned when they started out to put the neighbourhood on the map years ago.

Nine years later, a set of local partners work together to make Food Night even better. We join again this year and are happy to sponsor one of Amsterdam’s most diverse local events. It means that, besides music, performance and great food, you will be able to enjoy a good beer too. When? Saturday September 3 from three o’clock in the afternoon till midnight.

The organisation makes sure our beers are poured, as will one of the Javastraat’s most happening bars Walter’s – The Woodbury Bar. But, as diversity is key in this neighbourhood, a whole range of other beers as diverse as the rest of the programme will be available too.

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Diverse neighbourhood party: Food Night in the JavastraatDaisy Altelaar

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