Geniet & Geef bier voor Kika

Brewing for a good cause: Geniet & Geef

We brewed a special beer for a nation-wide campaign to combat children’s cancer. All the profit of the sale of this beer will benefit the Dutch organisation that works to reduce the number of children with the disease. It has become an annual tradition to ask reputed breweries to brew this beer so we are honoured it is our turn in 2018.

We brewed a beautiful, firm but fresh blond of 6,2% for the occasion. The use of barley, rye, oats and spelt resulted in a wonderfully layered beer with herbal aroma’s and a touch of vanilla. The hops are subtle and provide a light tickle. All in all: full of taste yet very refreshing.

About a 170 Dutch cafes will pour this beer to sponsor the campaign. iOS users can easily locate these cafes with a special app that you can download for free. The Albert Heijn supermarkets and Mitra liquor stores also joined in and stocked this beer too.

Go try it at a nearby café or get yourself a bottle and contribute too. Or Geniet & Geef (Enjoy & Give) as the campaign is called. Cheers.

Brewing for a good cause: Geniet & GeefDaisy Altelaar

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