All good things come to an IJnd

The days become shorter, darker and colder. A sign that winter is coming. True fans of Brouwerij ‘t IJ know what this means: IJndejaars! IJndejaars is the festive winterbeer we brew each year in november. A tradition that goes back to 1987. IJndejaars is a strong, amber beer with a alcohol percentage of 9 procent. This beer is an excellent choice for dark winter eveneings, thanks to the warming scents of orange peels and gently roasted malt.

IJndejaars is available in our pub and the better liquor stores. Have you been too excited and have some bottles IJndejaars after the holydays? No problem. IJndejaars stays good for years when you store them in a cold an dark place.

Enjoy the holidays.

All good things come to an IJndbrouwerijhetij

2 comments on "All good things come to an IJnd"

  1. Patrick Franken on

    Dit biertje ligt klaar om te proeven. ik ben onder de indruk van jullie bieren. als liefhebber van Belgische speciaalbieren ben ik nu veel Nederlandse bieren aan het proeven en jullie maken grote indruk!

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