Bar Botanique, a tropical paradise in Amsterdam-Oost

It may sound familiair: Hiding from the freezing cold in our pub while you pamper yourself with an IJndejaars. But at some point, you’ll have to leave the pub with it’s comfortable temperature. When you’re outside and the freezing wind hurts your ears, you wish it was summer. We’ve got good news for you: on seven minutes from our pub you’ll find Bar Botanique, a small tropical paradise in Amsterdam-East waar they serve our beer!

‘Tropical paradise?’ Yes, that’s no exaggeration. When you enter Bar Botanique, you’ll see tropical trees everywhere and the walls are painted green. As a finishing touch, they placed a stuffed flamingo above the bar. While we visit Bar Botanique on a dark afternoon in november, we can’t help but notice that it’s very light inside. When we look around we see big mirrors attached to the ceiling. Very smart, because they multiply the incomming daylight and contribute to the tropical ambiance. We order an IJbok to warm ourselfs in this tropical paradise that’s Bar Botanique.

Café Ponteneur

‘Café Ponteneur, which was located here before us, was called ‘the livingroom of East’. We wanted to continue this tradition.’ Willem, one of the owners of Bar Botanique, tells us. ‘We would like to be as accessible to a wide audience, because there are enough hip cafés in town. We work hard to attract a diverse public, which also means attention for the elderly and fair prices.’ And it’s true, in the few hours that we spent here, we see a lot of different people visit Bar Botanique: A boy guy with his mother, a Spanish couple and an elderly couple with their grandson. ‘We welcome everyone,’ emphasizes Willem.


Curious and triggerd by our love for big birds, we ask Willem about the stuffed flamingo above the bar. ‘Not everyone was as enthousiastic about it as me. A lot of people told us not to put it there but when I found one on the internet I knew it was meant to be’, he told us. ‘At first we hid him behind a few trees, but at one night, when the crew and I where done working and were drinking a beer, we decided to place it above the bar. It’s a fine flamingo!’ We don’t disagree. 

Our pub opens at two afternoon and closes at 8 in the evening. So if you’re looking for a place to lunch before or have a few more of our beers, Bar Botanique is a great place! And because a picture says more than a thousand words, here are a few pictures to give you an impression.

Bar Botanique, a tropical paradise in Amsterdam-Oostbrouwerijhetij

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