Easter Egg / Paasij hunt

PaasIJ, our spring classic has been available for a while now. If we look at the Instagram-hashtag #PaasIJ, we see you’re enjoying it a lot! The name ‘PaasIJ’ is a pun and means ‘Easter Egg’ and like the last few years you can hunt these delicious eggs at café De Ceuvel in Amsterdam-North en De Ruyschkamer in Amsterdam-East.


De Ceuvel

It’s almost a tradition, hunting for PaasIJ in and around café De Ceuvel on a former shipyard in Amsterdam-North. The hunt starts at 11 AM and ends around 14.30 PM. They hid some real easter eggs for the kids, but the ‘big kids’ can go hunt our PaasIJ! This tastefull hunt will be concluded with a great Easter brunch, check their Facebookpage for more information.

De Ruyschkamer

Is your urge to hunt still not satisfied after De Ceuvel? Then you can go straight to De Ruyschkamer for a second round! This cosy livingroom in Amsterdam-East invites you to hunt some PaasIJ while enjoying some pizza and live music, not bad eh? The hunt starts at 15 PM and will and around 11 PM, check their Facebookpage for more information.

Are you unable to join one of these hunts? No sweat, PaasIJ is still available in (Dutch) convenience stores, liquor stores, cafes and of course our own pub.

Happy Easter.

Easter Egg / Paasij huntDaisy Altelaar

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