New England Mango IPA

New England Mango IPA

New England Mango IPA

Last year, we brewed a New England IPA with our friends of the Homeland brewery. This year we brewed one that is even cloudier and fruitier than that festival collab.

It has that beautiful deep yellow haze that the New England IPA’s are know for. A fresh and fruity mix of Amarillo, Citra, Galaxy and Mosaic hops provide a pleasant bitterness. To accentuate the fruityness, we added mango to the dryhop as well. Result: sizzling tropical character.

The oats added to the barley malt not only make this beer typically cloudy, they also endow this New England Mango IPA with a slightly creamy mouthfeel.  

All in all, this is a beautiful hazy and juicy stunner. It is a limited edition, only available in our tasting room for as long as it lasts.

New England Mango IPADaisy Altelaar

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