The first beer we brewed in our new installation in the old brewery is a limited batch of a fresh, hoppy ale. We dubbed this first brew No. 1, as we did when we opened a new brewery two years ago. Brewed with 100% pale malt it’s a clear, light yellow beer. For hops we opted, amongst others, for the rich mix called Falconer’s Flight. As a result No. 1 is fresh, light, and citrusy in taste. For those who know them, this might be a very gentle reminder of the beers of the American West Coast.

Alcohol percentage: 6%
Drinking temperature: 6-8 degrees Celsius


Weer een licht, hoppig bier maar net een slagje anders dan z’n voorganger
No. 1 FUNENKADEbrouwerijhetij

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