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Amsterdam, March 2021 – The iconic IJwit beer from Brouwerij ’t IJ is one of the most popular wheat beers in the Netherlands. IJwit first saw the light 20 years ago, in the brewery under the windmill in Amsterdam-Oost. Over the years, demand for alcohol-free and low-alcohol beer has increased dramatically, and more beer menus are featuring 0.0% and 0.5% options. Times may change, but taste lasts a lifetime. So the brewery in Amsterdam is proud to introduce Vrijwit: a new wheat beer with the same full smoothness as its older sister IJwit, but with only 0.5% alcohol. The crisp taste and hints of coriander and lemon make Vrijwit a pleasant-drinking beer, and its low alcohol content makes it an ideal thirst-quencher at any time of day. 
Little sister with taste
A slightly cloudy, golden wheat beer with the characteristic bite, but without the alcohol: Vrijwit is just as refreshing as the original IJwit, and the addition of coriander seeds and lemon during the brewing process gives it a crisp, herbal taste. The new beer, like all wheat beers, is brewed using a certain percentage of wheat malt, which gives the variety its name ‘witbier’ – wit is an old Dutch word for ‘wheat’. For the best taste experience and a full head of foam, the perfect serve is to pour the Vrijwit into an IJ glass.  The finish is slightly sweet, which makes it a perfect thirst-quencher. Vrijwit is an excellent low-alcohol alternative, with plenty of flavour.
Alcohol free over the border
In the Netherlands, beers like Vrijwit with 0.5% alcohol by volume are called ‘low-alcohol’ beers. But our neighbouring countries call them ‘alcohol free’. That’s because in Austria, Belgium, Finland and Germany, alcohol-free beer may contain up to 0.5% alcohol. Spain has a limit of 1%, and Italy and France set their limit at 1.2% alcohol. The rules for Dutch breweries are more strict, and they can only use the label ‘alcohol free’ if their beer contains less than 0.1% alcohol. That difference can lead to some strange situations, where the label of an import beer sold in the Netherlands might say ‘alcohol free’, even if the beer isn’t entirely alcohol free according to Dutch rules. But Vrijwit doesn’t spend too much time worrying about that. The taste is what it’s all about. 
Tasting notes
Style: low-alcohol wheat beer
Alcohol: 0.5%
Colour: Slightly cloudy, with beautiful golden tone and soft head of foam
Aroma: Crisp beer with a slightly sweet finish. Citrus and herbal notes, thanks to the use of coriander seeds and lemon.
Perfect serve: Cool (5°C)

Light refreshing news from 't IJbrouwerijhetij

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