Join us at the midwinter beer festival

Good news: the very first Amsterdam beer festival of the year is upon us. Coming Saturday, February 4, Radion hosts the Midwinter Sloten Bierfestival. It is short as a winter day, from 13.00 till 18.00 hours, but the organisation promises an enlightening experience.

The festival offers a host of local breweries. Some of them have been around for a while, others just joined the scene as official brewers. In the latter category: Lowlander Beer and De Two Knaapjes.

Lowlander Beer
The first draws inspiration from the sea-faring heydays of the Lowlands. An approach they consistently stick to in their storytelling, design and recipes.

Ask for their Indonesian Pale Ale. A fresh, herbal take on IPA containing ground coriander seeds and white tea.  

De Twee Knaapjes
The second brewery, which would translate into something like “the two lads”, was only established last year. But they got serious real quick, buying a second hand professional installation in their first months of existence. The names of their beers all refer to school and they turn out to be pretty eager brewing students.

Ask for their Kofschip to learn what a rum barrel aging can do for a beer with some vanilla and a bit of brettanomyces.

We will be there too, of course. Tell our man Wouter what style of beer you like and he will get you a glass full of the kind of tastyness you are looking for. 

See you there?

Check the Radion website or the event’s Facebook page for the latest information.

Join us at the midwinter beer festivalbrouwerijhetij

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