New beer: 6 Hop I.P.A.

6 Hop I.P.A. Brouwerij 't IJ

In the summer months, we tend to experiment a little more than usual. For the latest edition of our limited edition series we played around with hops once more. The name of this beer gives most of the story away already. Build on a backbone of Ahtanum and Chinook, its bitter base is slightly citrusy. We used those hops plus an additional four for the dryhop. For the experts: Amarillo, Cascade, Nelson Sauvin and Simcoe. For the non-expert happy drinkers: this means a citrusy, fruity profile. Since we carefully added all those different hops at different moments, this is a beautifully layered and richly complex beer. Although you taste hops everywhere, the bitterness is never aggressive.

You’d almost forget about the malt here. It provides this I.P.A. with an amber glow and a faintly grainy hint. With a decent 6% abv this is a very interesting thirst quencher. Almost too tasty to not have it bottled but for now it is exclusively available on our very own taps right underneath the windmill. Run.

New beer: 6 Hop I.P.A.brouwerijhetij

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