ijtje voor karweitje


ijtje voor karweitje

At the opening of our tasting room ‘t Blauwe Theehuis in 2019, we introduced the action bob for a job (IJtje voor Karweitje), where the visitor to the Amsterdam Vondelpark was encouraged to collect and hand in litter. In return for each full garbage back they got a good glass of IJ-beer (or another refreshment).

IJtje voor Karweitje in the Vondelpark was a big success. Therefore we decided to turn it into a national campaign in 2020. 

Starting this June, IJtje voor Karweitje furniture is located throughout the Netherlands, with buckets and grippers attached to it. Everyone can collect litter around the location and receive a glass of our beer or another refreshment as a reward! 

IJtje for Karweitje furniture can be found in: Burgh-Haamstede, Scheveningen, Haarlem, Stevensweert, Groningen, Dordrecht, Amsterdam, Barneveld, Harderwijk, Amersfoort, Ede, Kaatsheuvel, Tilburg, The Hague, Arnhem, Doesburg, Wehl, Veenendaal and Nijkerk.

Who joins Bob for a job ?!

      ijtje voor karweitje

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