Beer, snacks and science – event

On July 4, Jamie Magazine and New Scientist organize an event around beer, snacks and science.

Singer-songwriter Tim Knol kicks off with an acoustic set and wil tell you a bit about his own new beer brand. Guy Derdelinckx, “beer professor” affiliated with the Belgian university of Leuven, will lecture on the science behind the taste of beer. A great opportunity to earn all about the relevant chemical processes and how they influence the defining characteristics of a beer.

Jamie Magazine and Brandt & Levie provide mouthwatering beer and food pairings, while the New Scientist tickles the intellect with a fun and challenging beer quiz. Last but not least: Patrick Hendrikse, one of the owners of Brouwerij ‘t IJ talks about how Amsterdam’s biggest microbrewery produces its beer.

Thirsty? Hungry? Curious? Order your tickets here.


Beer, snacks and science - eventbrouwerijhetij

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