Wouter, our salesman without suit

You might not have guessed it from the picture on the right, but this is our sales guy. He is called Wouter, does not wear a suit and does not drive a fancy car. Wouter’s preferred means of transport is his bike. He even takes it when he takes the train to promote our beers in the largely unexplored territory that is the country outside Amsterdam.

In Amsterdam, Wouter visits the city’s ancient cafes, Italian restaurants, the latest new hotspots, Tibetan restaurants, transvestites’ hangouts, cultural centres and luxury hotels. Wouter is there where people have a preference for first class local craft beer.

There are few people with more experience in our brewery. Wouter had training and experience in related industries when he knocked on our door and proved to be all-round already. So you still find him on the brewery floor in between his little sales expeditions. He is in maintenance and regularly fill loads of bottles. His knowledge of the brewery, its machinery and its people, is intimate.

Due to his history in the brewery, he never had to study any sales pitches. It all comes naturally since he so fully supports the product. Simply because it is, as he states it, “such great, delicious beer”. His character helps, too. He likes the social interaction that comes with the job, enjoys the contact, and easily steps into places he did not step into before.

It all makes him the perfect guy to represent us wherever. He is behind our stand at beer events, takes his bike to inform bar owners all over the country about our beautiful beers and conducts tours in our brewery for curious cafe crews.

Favorite drink of the man who almost single-handedly educates half of the country bout the merits of beer? It’s our I.P.A.. He hails its hoppiness and slightly fruity character. “Just great”.




Wouter, our salesman without suitbrouwerijhetij

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