Where laughter, dancing, and Amsterdam joviality collide

On October 7, we orchestrated a splendid gathering of Amsterdam’s finest treasures, ushering in a day brimming with beer, fun and craziness. We saw people enjoying IJbok and IJ jenever, feasting on sausage with pickles and having fun with an old-fashioned ‘kop van jut’ and the typical barrel organ.

We sang tearjerkers with singer Kabier in Café Struis until the last hours. The bands Primo and Freddy and the Scabies Sisters shook the foundations of Proeflokaal de Molen. And Johnny & the Gangsters of Love dazzled the streets with their wild street performances on top of their blue Chevy.

Reflecting on the Amsterdam Festival in October, we can’t help but smile. It was a big spectacle that brought the fun side of Amsterdam to life in full glory. This was Amsterdam at its finest. Thanks for coming and see you next time!

Where laughter, dancing, and Amsterdam joviality collidepeter

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