terras speciaalbier Amsterdam

Up close: Ali & Serar

Serar and Ali celebrate the end of their Europe trip on our terrace, where they are eagerly sampling our beers. ‘We just came in from Berlin and we’ve got a night and a day before we fly back to Vancouver.’ What the Canadians did during their last they on European soil? ‘Rented bikes, cycled around town and visited the museum of modern art.’

Habit drove them to our bar as they often drink local beer in Vancouver too. ‘We’ve got four breweries at walking distance’, Serar explains. ‘So this is like home, but different’, they laugh. They are pleased with what they found. ‘It’s good. Especially this one’, Serar says while he points at our classic amber heavy-weight, the Columbus. Those Canadians got taste.

terras speciaalbier Amsterdam

Craft beer pub Amsterdam

Up close: Ali & Serarbrouwerijhetij

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