Galaxy Summer IPA 'IJ Amsterdam

Summer special: Galaxy Summer IPA

Galaxy Summer IPA 'IJ Amsterdam

We brewed a very tasty and refreshing beer especially for the summer of 2018: the Galaxy Summer IPA (6.4%). Its soft maltiness makes it go down dangerously easy, the Galaxy and other hops provide a pleasant bitter tickle reminiscent of citrus peels. This beautiful summer beer doubles as a full flavoured IPA and a refreshing thirst quencher. Big plus: its tropical tones linger long after you have gulped it down.

Bottles are now available in (Dutch) stores. You will also find it connected to the taps of our tasting room and to those of cafes that stocked their summer vibes well in time.

Galaxy Summer IPA Brouwerij 't IJ

Summer special: Galaxy Summer IPABrouwerij 't IJ

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  1. Will you ship some of this to the US please 🙂

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