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Is it possible to return my order?
Although we all hope that it won’t be necessary, there may always be reasons for you to need to return your order. Well, of course that is possible. You can cancel your order up to 14 days after receiving your package without any charges. After cancellation you still have an additional 14 to return it to us.

Return procedure is fairly simple.
Go to to create a return order. It doesn’t take long, as we already have most relevant details already. After submission the system should even point you to the nearest post office. Once we have received the items in proper condition, we will reimburse you within 14 days.

Oh no, I bought the wrong item… Is it possible to exchange my order?
We all make mistakes sometimes, so this can easily be fixed. Just follow the return procedure above to return your purchase, and place a new order in the webshop to get the items you would like to have instead.

Help! I submitted a wrong address… Will I ever receive my order?
We can try to fix this, but we have to move fast here. Send an email to as soon as possible, if the order has not been sent yet, we can change the address.

IJshop retour address
Brouwerij ‘t IJ | Proeflokaal de Molen
Funenkade 7
1018 AL Amsterdam 

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