Making-of Zatte Tripel campaign

We’re proud of the Zatte Tripel, and we have been for 35 years. But we haven’t always showed how we feel about it. So we thought it was about time to tell a bit more about our Tripel. And to let it have its day in the spotlight.

So we came up with a whole campaign for it: Zatte Tripel: Unfiltered, Uncompromising, and Classic. The creatives at bureau Kapooow in Amsterdam arranged everything for us: photography, a lot of great videos and ads, beer coasters and posters.

The shoot was scheduled for just one day. That wasn’t easy, because it required a lot of preparation. The set had to be built from scratch out of raw lumber. But gradually, the builders erected a café, a garage, a fashion studio and a market square. They even built a life-sized ‘t IJ logo, including the windmill rotating the wrong way round. Then we had to find the perfect actors and the perfect team behind the scenes, including make-up, sound, camera, etc. The extras were easy to find, though; they’re all enthusiastic volunteers from the Brouwerij ‘t IJ team. It was a nice change of pace from the usual work of bottling, brewing or bartending.

And finally, the big day arrived. It started early with setting up the first set. Then that had to make room for the second, third, fourth, fifth… and new actors and pieces of sets were coming in and out all the time. A classic sixties car, a market hawker, and even a real live ostrich! Everything went exactly as planned. Actors got into costume and went straight to make-up. The ‘t IJ team had a special role as ‘technical consultants’: Is the glass properly full? Is the head properly foamy? Yes, I’m already on it! Great work, everyone.

At the end of the day, there was a stack of pizza for the whole team before the set had to be packed up. Are we going to keep it? Why not, after all the hard work that went into it. We’ll find some use for it eventually…

With the footage in the can, Kapooow got to work with the editing and design. And Michiel Romeijn (Jiskefet, Trecx) recorded the voice-over in his own inimitable style.

Before long, the video was done, and it was time to send it out into the world. It’s a bit of a classic campy Dutch TV programme from the ‘60s, like Brouwerij ‘t IJ meets ‘Ja Zuster, Nee Zuster’.
We think it’s fun to watch, and we hope that you do to. And we’re still proud of our Unfiltered, Uncompromising and Classic Zatte Tripel.

Making-of Zatte Tripel campaignbrouwerijhetij