IJwit blik

IJWIT in a can

Until now, you drank IJwit from the bottle or from the tap. Perfectly fine. But somehow we felt that in some cases it could get even better. Especially when you’re out and about.
So IJwit in a can.
There is really no better packaging for beer than a can. For those who have not already listed the benefits: cans protect beer best against deterioration of taste. Beer is a food, made from natural ingredients, so it doesn’t last forever. The taste deteriorates faster when beer is exposed to light, air and high temperature. Light, especially UV rays, can sometimes be a bummer – but cans are 100% light-tight, which beats any bottle. Oxygen reacts with beer, which is never good news – but cans are 100% airtight. The colder a drink is, the better for the taste – and cans cool faster than glass. Then there are countless environmental benefits, but you can Google them. The point is: cans are amazing beer packaging and are the future.

  • Cans get cold faster, so refill your fridge on a hot day: then you have cold beer twice in 1 day.​
  • Filling your fridge more efficiently: where only 1 bottle fits, 2 cans often fit together!​
  • A lot easier to take with you to the park or on the boat, less fragile and more compact as waste.
  • Even better beer.

IJwit blik

IJWIT in a canbrouwerijhetij

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