Spring is in the air, so we’ve brewed two new beers!

You probably didn’t miss the fact that these are the last days of winter. No one can deny it, spring is in the air! To celebrate this joyful event, we’ve decided to brew two new beers.


We’re proud to introduce to you the Solij, a fresh, creamy maislager with a slightly bitter taste. Because of the relatively low alcohol percentage of only 4,7, Solij is an excellent beer for the warmer days ahead of us. In short: a perfect beer for a sunny day on a terrace!


At least as tasteful is Paradijs. A soft tripel which we brewed with some extra’s. We added maniguette pepper, a spicy nephew of the black pepper. This added a spicy twist to the beer. A bit of ginger is responsible for a hint of tropical freshness, while the added curacao peel is used for the light bitter and sour taste.

Both new beers are limitedly available in our pub, so make sure you don’t miss them!

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Spring is in the air, so we've brewed two new beers!Brouwerij 't IJ

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