Takeaway at proeflokaal de Molen

As of March 6th, you can get IJboxes and boxes of beer at the Molen. Takeaway will be open every Saturday and Sunday from 14:00 till 18:00. We’re ready to serve you IJ-beer again!
What can I pick up?
We sell whole boxes of beer for the standard price. Bottles are not available separately. If you just  want a few bottles to drink at home or in the park, then the IJbox might be something for you. The IJbox is a box containing six chilled bottles of your choice with a Brandt & Levie dry sausage or a Skaepsrond, the tastiest sheep cheese made in Ransdorp. Want more? Then choose the IJbox XL, containing nine chilled bottles of your choice with a dry sausage from Brandt & Levie and a Skaepsrond.

Beer bottles apart starting € 1,80
€ 17,50
IJbox XL € 25,00
Beer box € 41,00 / € 48,00
Facemaske € 3,50
Hats € 12,50
Soks € 10,00
Cap € 25,00

We also sell our face masks, hats, caps and socks. (Also available on our webshop IJShop)
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How can I pay?
Payment can only be done by PIN. Due to the coronavirus, paying in cash is not possible.
Payments by tikkie, or other payment requests, are not allowed.

What is (unfortunately) not yet possible?
Due to the current corona measures, the terraces and bar are still closed. Although we want to receive you as soon as possible, this means that we cannot allow sitting, chatting, or crowding on the terrace. It is also not possible to use our toilet. In addition, we would like to ask everyone to follow the government rules with regard to coronavirus, such as keeping a distance of 1.5 meters from each other and the staff and staying at home if you have a cold or other corona-related symptoms.

Opening hours and contact
Monday to Friday: Closed
Saturday: 14:00 – 18:00
Sunday: 14:00 – 18:00

Funenkade 7 1018 AL Amsterdam
Telephone: 020 261 9801
Instagram: @proeflokaaldemolen

Takeaway at proeflokaal de Molenpeter

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