Bergamot IPA Brouwerij 't IJ Amsterdam

Bergamot IPA

Bergamot IPA Brouwerij 't IJ Amsterdam

Yes, it are the bergamot oranges that give this beer its name. They are shaped like wrinkled limes and taste like a hybrid of a lemon and orange. They are often used to produce perfumes and their aromatic qualities instantly become apparent as the citrus jumps out of your glass here.

To accentuate the citrusy qualities of this IPA we used, among other hops, significant amounts of Citra. Underneath a crispy layer of hoppiness hide slightly sour notes, also provided by the little bergamot oranges. All in all, sipping this is like gently sinking your teeth into citrus fruit peel.

With a percentage of 6.4% this beer is relatively modest yet a mouth full of taste. Finishes off deliciously dry too.

The Bergamot IPA is a one-off, available in our tasting room as long as it lasts. 


Bergamot IPABrouwerij 't IJ

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