Columbus, Struis and IJndejaars: perfect pairings for the festive season

The end of the year is always a frenzy of Christmas dinners, get togethers, family visits, yet more dinners and, to top it all off, New Year celebrations. Whether you’re looking ahead to a busy period or planning some quiet time, we’d like to present three delicious beer-and-food pairings for the festive season.
We’ve matched our Columbus, Struis and IJndejaars beers with their perfect culinary partners. Simple pleasures that are simply delicious.

Columbus and wild boar sausage from Wild van Wild
Columbus, our copper-coloured heavyweight, is a hoppy beer with a high alcohol content. The complex, full-bodied flavour comes from the bitterness of the hops and the high quantity of malt. Columbus is a beer that will help keep the cold at bay on those freezing winter nights. This spicy, full-bodied brew is a perfect match for the robust, sweet flavours of game, which are inextricably linked with this time of year.
For our part, we’re mad about Wild van Wild, in particular their wild boar sausage. It’s no ordinary grilled sausage, but in the words of Wild van Wild themselves, ‘genuinely the most delicious grilled sausage we’ve ever tasted’. We agree wholeheartedly. And this wild board sausage pairs wonderfully with our Columbus.
Struis and boeuf bourguignon made with smoked pork belly from Brandt & Levie
And now for our Struis beer. It might not always be the first beer you think of, but once you’ve tasted it, you won’t forget it in a hurry. Struis is a lively beer with a deep, dark hue. Brewed in the English style, it has clear notes of chocolate and dried fruit. It’s a beer that calls for a strong counterpoint that won’t be blown away by its robust flavour.
And what could be a better match than a hearty stew? Boeuf bourguignon for example, but made with smoked pork belly from Brandt & Levie. Their pork belly is brined, dried and smoked and, after being dried for a second time, allowed to mature to perfection. This pairing of sensational flavours is exactly what we love to see – and taste.
IJndejaars and Bar Alt’s chocolate dessert
We once organised a beer-and-food pairing with our friends at Bar Alt, a restaurant that matches dishes with beer. To match our Struis beer, they dreamt up a dessert they called chocolate heaven, including chestnuts, pear brandy, coffee and nuts. But that creation would be an equally good match for our IJndejaars beer.
Thanks to its delicious aromas of fruit, spices and orange peel, IJndejaars is the perfect partner for this dessert. IJndejaars is the jewel in our crown and each year it tastes ever so slightly different. We’re proud to be able to see out the darkest days of the year with this splendid brew.
Is Bar Alt’s chocolate heaven a bit too rich for your tastes? Then save IJndejaars for the final course and delight your guests with another dark chocolate, coffee or nut-based dessert instead.

Columbus, Struis and IJndejaars: perfect pairings for the festive seasonpeter

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